Think Smart


Think Smartphood.

Keep your cash out of the trash!

• 40% of all food ends up in the landfill

• 1.3 billion tons of food and $1 trillion wasted

• The average US household throws away $1000- $1200 per year in food

How much do you throw away? Smartphood offers an easy way to track your waste to help keep your money in your wallet and help keep your food out of the landfill.

Simple and bold Dashboard for easy tracking!

Total Wastage - Track your weekly and monthly wastage dollar amount. Visibly see how many dollar bills end up in the trash.

Analytics - Easy to follow analytics that compares your consumption and your spending.

Expiring Products – easily visualize food that is getting ready to expire to remind you to consume it before it’s too late.

Decrease food waste while saving money and time.

Easily add and update your grocery list to avoid over spending and impulse purchases at the grocery store.

Add your current food items and include quantity, cost, purchase, and consume by date. Categorize your food and beverage items for easy tracking.

As you consume your food or beverage, adjust your amount consumed to show how much remains and how much money could be saved.