Yes! You can utilize a barcode scanner with a premium subscription to add easily add items to your inventory.
Yes, you have to sign up and provide some information to gain full access to our services.
Smartphood offers a basic subscription for free in which you can utilize some simple features to help reduce food waste and save money. For only $1.99 a month you can subscribe to the standard package and take advantage of special features like a barcode scanner and voice commands.
Our primary goal of Smartphood is to make an impact on food waste and spending. As the app develops there may be an opportunity to help integrate your food inventory with your favorite recipes, as well as, track and monitor nutritional intake.
Yes, it can! By inputting your cost per ingredient/product, the app will accumulate the amount of money spent.
When you input an ingredient or product into the app you will be asked for a price that you paid for that product. If you end up discarding that product that app will be added to the amount of money wasted and will keep track and accumulate you waste on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.
Smartphood’s plan is to use awareness and simplicity to decrease an individual’s food waste. By inputting your food inventory you have the ability to add a ‘consume by date’. This date is attached to that ingredient or product and the app will alert you when you are getting close to your deadline. The idea is to create awareness and remind the user that they need to consume that food or beverage. Along with alerts, Smartphood also attaches a cost associated with that product and asks you to set a ‘waste budget’. Therefore, if that food or beverage, unfortunately, ends up in the trash, the app will accumulate that cost and it will negatively impact your waste budget.
The founder of Smartphood heard a very bold statistic on the radio stating that “over 40% of food is wasted and ends up in a landfill.” After hearing this astonishing statement the research began. How could he make an impact and help reduce this problem? With numerous organizations dedicating themselves to help this problem a new idea was formed. Why not use a tool/device that the majority of individuals already own and use on a daily basis, that device is a smartphone? And that’s when the idea of developing an app was born.
The main purpose of Smartphood is to make a large impact on the amount of food that is thrown away on a daily basis. Our goal is to use a simple, easy-to-use smartphone app to help individuals and families set a waste budget and helps track their wastage.
Smartphood is a new, easy-to-use app that helps manage your food inventory and decrease your food waste. The average household throws away between $1000 - $1200 per year. Smartphood was developed to help keep your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your pocket!
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