Smartphood: Greener Planet, Less Waste

Have you heard about the Smartphood app yet? If you haven’t, read on to know the details of the same. Did you know 80% of the food that is produced is never eaten? In other words, more than half of the food that is produced is simply thrown away into landfills or is lost. Not only do we waste food, but we waste other resources too involved in growing them.
Other resources involve water, land, electricity and multiple other types of equipment that all go to waste even when you just throw away your food. Smartphood was designed and developed to eliminate food waste with the mobile app. If you had been looking for the best food tracker apps, download the Smartphood app today to witness the benefits of the same.
The app has been designed with multiple interesting features and specifications that are sure to gain your interest. The smart app tracks your food consumption and additionally decreases food waste with the app. It has a pretty simple working. A smart feature of the app is that it reminds you when any particular food is on the verge of getting spoilt. This mechanism is pretty organized.

When you go grocery shopping, ensure to enter the details of the purchased items in the app. Details like item name, date of purchase, date of expiry, cost and amount. These details are saved and the app sends a notification when any food expires. This helps in decreasing food waste with the app, thus helping you manage your food inventory with just an mobile app.