Smartphood: Save food, save money

Did you know fruits and vegetables have the highest wastage among foods? Food waste remains to be one of the most common issues. Be it developed countries or developing countries, the rate of wastage is almost similar in both. It’s high time we do something about the massive food waste problem. Smartphood is an app that is designed to combat the issues related to food wastage. The app lets you track your food consumption and also manages food inventory with the mobile app.There are some amazing features of the app that will help bring about a change in the way we manage wastes. You can also decrease food waste with the app. The working of the app is pretty simple. The next time you go grocery shopping, you need to make sure to enter details of the purchased items, like date of purchase, expiry date, cost of item and amount of the same. The smart app helps you manage your inventoryand also sends you a notification when any particular food is about to expire. This way you end up wasting lesser. Smartphood is the best waste meal tracking appsthat you can find. Simply eliminate food waste with the mobile app. The Smartphood app is freely available on Android andiTunes. Share the app with friends and family to help encourage them to manage wastes better. Reduce food waste and help our planet. Download the app and let’s join the Smartphood family to eliminate wastes.